Bringing the Internet of Things into the realm of building automation

Lemonbeat technology allows substantial savings in the field of building automation systems.

We are already active in working to improve building automation through the use of Lemonbeat based technologies. Proof of concepts show the following advantages are achievable:

  • Substantial hardware savings due to the elimination of automation level
  • Additional savings due to the substantial reduction of engineering and maintenance effort
  • Maintaining supplier independence of hardware in the field layer = reduction of initial hardware installation and switching costs depending on vendor lock-in
  • Optimization of addressing and operating actuators and sensors
  • Enhancement of interoperability and overall system performance
  • Possibility to use cloud based value added services for e. g. remote maintenance, supply chain optimization, energy optimization, condition monitoring and predictive maintenance

Case Study IoT Networks

Substantial savings on hardware and associated costs

Based on a theoretical study, it was established that Lemonbeat’s effect within the innogy SE Building, Kruppstraße, Essen, could produce the following:

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Oliver Klimek

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Equipment (Building Automation)

  • 10.030 Data Points (8.815 Hardware, 1.215 Software)
  • 5.877 Sensors, 2.938 Actors (HVAC)
  • 6 Bus Systems
  • 88 Controllers
  • Costs ~ 2,5 Mio. €

Advantages of the new network approach

  • Possible Savings (just network): ~ 450 T€
  • Substantial reduction of associated costs (engineering, maintenance)
  • Independence from supplier
  • More flexibility for room usage
  • Further savings in sensors and actors assumed but not considered
IoT Networks
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