Lemonbeat for smart homes & gardens

Lots of manufacturers of devices for private households and gardens wish to make their products „smart“.

As their customers integrate smartphone usage increasingly into their daily lives, and seek added convenience, there is a need for products to follow the trend. Nevertheless there are a number of challenges in making the step. Making products smart can be time consuming, requiring skills not necessarily abundant within an organisation.

Smart home and garden products also require constant maintainance. Whereas once a customer could be sold a product and left to get on with using it, smart products will need to move with the times – the ability to carry out software updates over the air is a must.

With a great deal of experience of the challenges involved in the area of home and garden automation, we have the solution. Our Lemonbeat chips, already proven in the market, can be swiftly integrated into your products and offer a number of advantages:

Furthermore, the reliability and security of communication between devices or devices and the internet will have an affect on how a manufacturers product is perceived. The end product can work brilliantly, but if the connectivity is unrealiable, the manufacturer’s brand image will suffer.

  • An extensive range of built-in services from on/off functionality to calenders and timers
  • Straight forward programming in XML or C allowing implementation savings of up to 40% both on initial build and updates
  • OTAU (Over the air update) ready
  • Battery device friendly
  • Great security through AES encryption
  • Reliable range

innogy SE (a subsidiary of RWE AG) use Lemonbeat as the basis of a number of products and concepts within the innogy SmartHome product range, including the E-Box remote, their E-charging device.

Gardena’s Smart System already uses Lemonbeat technology. Featuring the Gardena smart Sensor, the Gardena smart Water Control, as well as the Gardena smart Sileno mower, the system allows gardeners to have a constant overview of their garden via a mobile app which enables them to control and configure all of their connected devices, even when they’re on the move.

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