The Industrial Internet of Things will deliver higher productivity, new service-models and innovative solutions

Lemonbeat bridges the gaps across industries and standards.

The Industry 4.0 revolution offers huge opportunities, the full potential however can only be unlocked swiftly and cost-effectively if the form of communication used as its basis has the ability to address the widely varied requirements of each field and build them into one intelligent network.

Obstacles Today:

  • No standard systems/networks/interfaces
  • Multiplicity of communications, embedded intelligence, and sensor & actuator technologies
  • Multiplicity of separate but sometimes overlapping IoT domains, e.g. Health Care, Smart Manufacturing, Smart Cities, Logistics, Smart Houses, Smart Energy, Retail, Smart Transport, etc.

How can Lemonbeat help to solve this problem?

Advantages of the lemonbeat network approach

  • Close the gap across industries with one common application layer
  • More flexibility to involve further parties through OTAU and flexibility of language
  • Use standard internet technologies such as IPv6
  • Savings in Infrastructure through direct interaction between devices rather than through hierachies
  • Reduction of engineering and maintenance costs through standard services

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