Lemonbeat Sub-1 GHz Software Stack

The Lemonbeat Sub-1 GHz Software Stack is a modern IoT protocol that provides a versatile platform for designing intelligent and future-proof smart devices.

The software stack enables direct device-to-device communication, independent of physical restrictions (RF signals, wire, fibre, etc.)

Key differentiators are:

  • Device to device communication
  • IP protocol independent
  • Reconfiguration during runtime
  • Interacting state machines

Find more details in our Fact Sheet.

Further features Lemonbeat 868
– Service-oriented API on device, XML/EXI-capable
– Self describing devices and services
– Support for application layer write management enabled
– Independent of other layers, i.e. combinable with WiFI/Ethernet, Thread, etc.
– CoAP, DTLS ready
Generic IoT
application layer
– Uses common standards such as TCP/IP and UDP/IP
– Improved compression by use of bit-stream oriented design
– Lossless compression
– Full IPv6 implementation
– Multicast oriented services
– NTP time support
RFC: 6690, 7252, 5905
RFC: 768, 5346, 4279,
4492, 793, 5246
RFC: 1058, 2080, 791, 792,
2460, 2461, 2462, 463
optional compression
– 853 MHz to 870 Frequency band with proven 1,5 km range
– 32-channel hopping for increased robustness & no 1% duty cycle limit
– 128 bit AES MAC-layer security with secure key exchange mechanism
– Ultra low battery modes via wake on radio method
RFC: 5170, 5342
Frequency Agility
MTU up to 2 kB
Sub GHz 2GSK@100kb/s

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