19th Annual Conference “Zähl- und Messwesen aktuell” | 29 January

19th Annual Conference “Zähl- und Messwesen aktuell” | 29 January

It is the annual “reunion” of the energy industry in the area of counting, measuring and billing in Düsseldorf. As usual, at the beginning of the year the participants were given an overview of the current legal changes, technical innovations and practical solutions from the industry, and we were there as well.

Click here for the event website “Zähl- und Messwesen aktuell” (counting and metrology today)

Oliver van der Mond, CEO of Lemonbeat GmbH, presented Lemonbeat’s Lean Metering solution, which turns modern metering equipment into intelligent electricity meters that energy suppliers and metering point operators can use to develop completely new business models.


Lemonbeat CEO Oliver van der Mond at the 19th annual conference “Zähl- und Messwesen aktuell” with his vision of a lean solution to increase added value in the energy market.

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