We have a system ready SIP Chip Module available …

… to use with our licenced Lemonbeat software stack already included.

Everyone wants to make their products smart, but the challenges are significant. What if you could concentrate on continuing to make great products, without having to worry about the reliability and security oft he communciation within your smart system?

Based on years of experience making smart products possible, we know the painpoints and we know what works. Our SIP Modules ensure swift product implementation and are market proven, giving you peace of mind that your new smart product matches the high standards of the rest of your portfolio.

  • Range tested up to 1,5km in the free field
  • Allow quick implementation with the help of our Device Development Kit
  • ETSI Norm Approved

What does that mean for you?

  • Program devices in as little as 1-2 days
  • A reliable chip suitable for transmission within buildings support from our experts

For more information refer to our SiP Chip Data Sheet.

Other chip designs are available on request depending on scale.

Lemonbeat SIP Chip

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