Lemonbeat Energy Solutions

Consumption and condition data monitoring for the
energy and housing industry

Reduce costs

Automatic data acquisition enables the optimization of equipment settings and leads to more efficient operation.

Manage efficiently

Detailed knowledge about concrete on-site conditions enables a more targeted and effective management.

Improve service

Digital solutions are the basis to new business models and increased customer loyalty.

End-to-End everything under control

Lemonbeat End to End Energy Solutions

Digitalization requires companies to “rethink” their business models. In addition, regulatory and legislative changes are presenting energy suppliers, network operators and large consumers with ever new challenges. Whether electricity, water, gas or heat: Wherever consumption arises or condition data must be measured and monitored regularly, Lemonbeat offers a simple and flexible solution.

As a cost-effective retrofit solution during operation or right from the start: The Lemonbeat Energy Solutions give you full control over your systems. From any location, you get central insights into current conditions at any time, can intervene in a controlling manner or develop completely new digital business models with the help of the collected data: more service, better maintenance and higher customer satisfaction.


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