Intelligent energy management in the Smart Grid

There are around half a million local substations in Germany. Here, the electrical energy from the medium-voltage network is converted into low-voltage for general household supply.

Lemonbeat enables cost-effective remote monitoring of local substations. As a retrofit solution, the local measurement sensors are connected to an intelligent Lemonbeat gateway. This collects and transmits the various operating parameters around the clock and reliably sends the data via LTE mobile radio to an analysis platform in the cloud. This allows energy providers to keep an eye on the current, voltage, power and grid frequency at all times and to react quickly in the event of irregularities. This enables the early detection of excess or unbalanced loads, and maintenance can be planned and carried out more efficiently.

Better energy management thanks to low-cost retrofit technology


  • Reduce operating costs
  • Shorten maintenance times
  • Increase reliability
  • User-friendly visualization
  • Alarm messages in real time

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