Smart recording of third-party electricity consumption

Deadline January 1st, 2021: On this date the german Energy Collection Act (EnSaG) will no longer allow to estimate third-party consumption on the premises of companies excluded of the german German Renewable Energy Sources Act (EEG).  The magic word is “third-party estimation”.

With the delimitation of third party quantities, the legislator regulates the requirements for the delimitation of electricity consumed by the company itself and passed on to third parties. This means that the electricity-intensive companies exempted from the Renewable Energy Sources Act levy will in future have to record separately the electricity consumption of third parties on their premises. All third-party consumers must pay the full levy. These third-party quantities must therefore be determined, i.e. “separated” from total consumption.

We support your company in implementing the delimitation of third-party energy consumption. And we offer even more: With us, you not only meet the legal requirements, but with our technology you also gain insight into your current consumption at any time. This ensures transparency and offers opportunities to make consumption even more efficient and climate-friendly.

Better energy management thanks to cost-effective retrofit technology


  • Reliable delimitation of third party quantities
  • Transparency over all electricity consumption
  • More efficiency and lower costs
  • User-friendly visualization

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