Ilja Klemm: Events I’m looking forward to in 2017

Ilja Klemm: Events I’m looking forward to in 2017

Picture above: Bits & Pretzels 2016. Photo: Ilja Klemm/Lemonbeat,

As Lemonbeat’s evangelist I take pride in networking on a regular basis at various fairs, meetups, congresses and panels to keep in touch with new developments and upcoming challenges. I don’t  just talk about our own solutions but keep an open eye and ear about what is happening around us.

Here is a list of events I’m currently looking forward to attending to in the upcoming months.

6-7 May

Make Munich – Make Munich has become one of the largest Maker Fairs in Europe; the unique blend of family-friendly entertainment, high-tech exhibition, hands-on workshops for everyone interested has proven to be rightfully successful. This year will, for the first time, feature a whole section exclusively for IOT exhibitors, so Lemonbeat will be present on both days! Add a selection of brilliant speakers, yummy catering and an abundance of creativity (not to mention the robots!), and you know why this May weekend is supposed to be memorable one.

1-2 June

IoT Tech Expo Berlin – The IoT Tech Expo is one of the largest conferences for IOT, and as such a must for all companies and persons dealing with IOT to some degree. A perfect opportunity to tune in on the latest technologies and advancements, with dedicated exhibitor and startup spaces. The conferences also offers 6 Tracks, covering most (if not all) segments of IOT, with over 200 Speakers, so every thirst for knowledge should be appropriately quenched.

8 June

RIOT Berlin – RIOT is a one-day conference about IOT, bringing developers, makers, entrepreneurs and Startups, Investors and corporations together. All attendees will be handpicked to ensure a good match amongst guests, so that everyone will have enough to take away. Since this is the first instalment of this conference, surprises are bound to happen and not much is known yet. However, the organizers have been doing the Pirate Summit before, so it’s a relatively safe bet that RIOT will be interesting, to say the least!

24-26 September

Bits & Pretzels Munich  – The Founders Festival takes place during Octoberfest, with two days dedicated to the conference and one day at a tent at the Octoberfest for enhanced networking. While the setup may sound unreal, this is one of the best Startup events one could imagine – 2016 saw 5000 attendees, and with the keynotes delivered by Kevin Spacey and Richard Branson, it’s no wonder that this year’s expectations are quite high! We still have our hopes up that 2017 will feature a larger IOT Track, but in any case, this is one event that will be fun-filled networking and technology exchange, and I’m very much looking forward to it.

6 – 9 November

Web Summit Lisboa – This is the biggest conference on this list. It’s been dubbed “Davos for Geeks” and is definitely the largest tech event of it’s kind in Europe. It’ll cover everything change-driving companies and entrepreneurs are using right now. Organizers are using heavily discounted tickets to encourage women, a hugely underrepresented group in Tech, to attend. Whatever your question may be, chances are that you’ll find an expert to answer your questions here.

4 – 5 December

TechCrunch Disrupt Berlin – Disrupt is coming back to Berlin, and it offers everything it is famous for: The Startup Battlefield, Hackathons, and the newest technology. There will be an abundance of themes to talk about, including how Brexit changes the Ecosystems’ outlook for the future. Add in the hand-picked speakers and Panels, and you know why this is a conference to get excited about!

The list may change though, but if you have chance to come, please do so and let’s have a chat! Please check also our events section at to see where you will find our team on various other occasions.