Lemonbeat for smart homes & gardens

Lots of manufacturers of devices for private households and gardens wish to make their products „smart“.

As customers integrate smartphone usage increasingly into their daily lives and seek added convenience, there is a need for products to follow the trend. Nevertheless, there are several challenges in making making this step. Making products smart can be time-consuming, requiring skills not necessarily abundant within an organization.

Smart home and garden products also require constant maintenance. Whereas once a customer could be sold a product and left to get on with using it, smart products will need to move with the times – the ability to carry out software updates over the air is a must.

With a great deal of experience of the challenges involved in the area of home and garden automation, we have the solutions to suit.

Quick development

We offer you a set of standard building blocks that comprise of functions commonly required by Smart Home and Garden devices, e.g., partnering service, timer function; meaning you do not have to program your devices from scratch.

These are delivered on a choice of chips for easy integration into your products.

Low cost integration

With more intelligence on the devices themselves as well as a common language throughout the infrastructure, we can dramatically reduce the cost of a complete system. The common language is called Lemonbeat smart Device Language (LsDL). It can be used to program devices, and is also the basis of our Lemonbeat Library for central controllers and backend services.

Thanks to USB stick options, we can also ensure integration into current Smart Home systems out there on the market, including innogy Smart Home.


With AES-128 bit and RSA-512-bit encryption, we offer high security for devices with limited computing power or reliant on batteries.

Great Range

We offer a range of transmission options; our own Lemonbeat Radio (Sub-1 GHz) option however is an excellent, battery efficient option that is market proven to serve the home and garden well (up to 1.5 km in the free field)


You can enhance your product post-market launch with a number of power-efficient update options. These range from changing and creating individual values even during runtime, to section based “Over the Air Updates”, meaning you don’t necessarily need to “flash” the entire device with every enhancement made.

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innogy SE (a subsidiary of RWE AG) uses Lemonbeat as the basis of a number of products and concepts within the innogy SmartHome product range, including the eBox remote, their E-charging device.

Gardena’s Smart System already uses Lemonbeat technology. Featuring the Gardena smart Sensor, the Gardena smart Water Control as well as the Gardena smart Sileno mower, the system allows gardeners to have a constant overview of their garden via a mobile app that enables them to control and configure all of their connected devices, even when they’re on the move.

AL-KO’s Robolinho mower will soon be available and works directly with the innogy SmartHome system. This interaction is made possible through Lemonbeat technology.

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