innogy Metering uses Lemonbeat technology in digital electricity meters

innogy Metering uses Lemonbeat technology in digital electricity meters

  • innogy Metering introduces digital electricity meters of well-known manufacturers with variable Lemonbeat radio technology to the market
  • The electricity meters are the basis for digital business models around intelligent metering.
  • The first devices are scheduled for use in 2018

Dortmund, September 11, 2018. innogy Metering GmbH has enhanced the concept of digital electricity meters, also called modern measuring equipment (mME), together with Dortmund-based Lemonbeat GmbH, a wholly owned subsidiary of innogy SE. The new electricity meters are part of Lemonbeat’s lean metering concept. A solution that opens up business models for intelligent metering with modern metering equipment for both network operators and electric utilities. The first households will be equipped with the new devices before the end of this year.

The new electricity meters can provide recorded values in a very high resolution within seconds by means of a corresponding receiver unit in the residential area of the end customer.

Digital electricity meters from various well-known manufacturers are equipped with a radio module that can switch between two transmission paths as required: either with the radio technology LB Radio patented by Lemonbeat or a radio technology optimized in close cooperation with the innogy Metering and Lemonbeat on LoRa basis (Long Range: radio procedure with large range). The devices always select the optimum transmission path depending on the structural condition of the location.

This high-resolution data can be used, among other things, to implement value-added offers to significantly increase customer loyalty. For example, by providing detailed consumption data for the end customer. This allows power guzzlers to be identified in a targeted manner and consumption to be optimised. At the same time, metering point operators benefit from a simplified data collection process from the road, taking into account the legal framework conditions, such as data protection. Employees would no longer have to enter the building.

Flexible radio method for different structural situations

To bridge the distance between basement and apartment, Lemonbeat uses an own, patented radio procedure in the free 868MHz frequency band with LB Radio. This enables a combination of both higher data volumes with a good range in the building at the same time.

If the distance between mME and home over several floors is also too great for LB Radio, communication takes place automatically via a radio procedure based on LoRa optimized by innogy Metering and Lemonbeat. This makes higher ranges with comparatively low bandwidths possible.

“Our new digital electricity meters really are universally applicable”, explains Gerhard Radtke, Head of “Innovation Management and Product Development” at innogy Metering GmbH, which was significantly involved in the development. “With LB Radio and LB LoRa in combination, we enable flexible use in buildings of various sizes. The same technology can also be used for meter readings in the gas, water and heat sectors. The data is available to household customers in an extremely secure yet cost-effective manner.”

“The Lean Metering concept is the basis for a whole series of new, digital business models for energy suppliers, but is also very interesting for the housing industry”, Oliver van der Mond, Managing Director of Lemonbeat GmbH, describes the project. “We are happy to have innogy Metering as a very competent development partner, who undoubtedly belongs to the spearhead of the metering industry. In the last two years we have managed to combine the enormous market know-how and technical understanding of innogy metering with the development and implementation competence of Lemonbeat in the field of embedded radio systems. This was an essential factor for success. The numerous market enquiries from energy supply companies and the housing industry confirm this.”

Lemonbeat provides not only the technology in the meter itself but also corresponding receiver units and also offers these to third parties in the market.

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About innogy Metering
innogy Metering GmbH, based in Mülheim an der Ruhr, bundles the know-how and all functions of classical and intelligent metering. The company is the competence centre for this important technology- and business-area. innogy Metering is active in the fields of meter and meter value management, metering point operation and measurement services. The company is responsible for 4.6 million electricity, gas and water meters.

About Lemonbeat
Lemonbeat GmbH, based in Dortmund, Germany, was founded in October 2015 as a wholly owned subsidiary of innogy SE – one of Europe’s largest utility companies. Key to the company’s cross-industry IoT offering is Lemonbeat OS, an IoT-tailored operating system for any kind of device. Lemonbeat OS can be deployed in any imaginable IoT use case. Our solutions are characterised by their slimline architecture, robust performance and high level of adaptability.  With Lemonbeat OS at the core of its offering, the company offers a universal solution for IoT innovators – a solution that is compatible with any system, from the smallest of devices up to full cloud solutions.

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