Lemonbeat OS™ is the heart of our technology. And it will be the heart of your IoT solution too, since the Operating System can be integrated seamlessly in every part of it, from the smallest device to the biggest cloud platforms. It keeps its benefits throughout. Below, we show how easy it is to integrate Lemonbeat from end to end. Get in touch with us for individual advice.

Device Development with Lemonbeat OS

Device Development

Point, click and expert support

Lemonbeat OS™ applications consist of standardized building blocks you can easily combine and recombine to build the devices needed for your use case. Developers call these building blocks “services”. These services are ready-to-use pieces of code you can combine to create any IoT application wanted.

As you start developing your application, you will receive a Lemonbeat Device Development Kit (DDK). The DDK makes application development as simple as possible. It includes two development boards, and our point-and-click development software Lemonbeat Studio 2.0™, that supports you when configuring your devices.

Of course, there are some more tasks to accomplish when designing your product. Not all of them are as simple as configuration with Lemonbeat Studio™. Luckily, we have expert partners for both, development and manufacturing.

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Lemonbeat Studio
lemonbeat SIP Chip

Pre-programmed Chips for rapid development

Since you need to run your smart application on something physical, we chose and optimized the best chips available to be implemented into your devices. And we are ready for further implementations that match your special needs.

Lemonbeat OS™ is available on an ARM® Cortex ®-M3 SiP Chip. You will receive your SiP Chip with Lemonbeat OS™ software already installed. On top of that, your SiP Chip is ETSI pre-certified, so that you can rapidly start to develop.

More implementations on hardware environments have already been realized: On a STAMP module that uses the same but discrete components as our SIP chip, on a small 2cm x 3cm PCB, on an Espressif ESP32 or on the Silabs EFM32 Gecko series. Any other hardware in mind? Just talk to us.

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Connectivity with LsDL and Various Physical Layers


Combine Lemonbeat OS™ with IP-ready connectivity

You can integrate Lemonbeat OS™ with any IP-based connectivity component. Whether to use Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or LoRa is most regularly determined by the use case you face. Therefore, for us it wouldn’t have been a good decision to build a “one-size-fits-all”-solution that can hardly be modified. Although you can buy ready-to-use Lemonbeat Stacks, Lemonbeat OS™ still is a module we can integrate with other technologies.

There is just one part of connectivity that would not make sense to change: The Lemonbeat smart Device Language (LsDL), the common language devices speak on application level. LsDL is the interface between all devices’ building blocks. Therefore, this clever part of communication is set.

Chips for Connectivity

Ready-to-use stacks

LB Radio

Lemonbeat OS™ on LB Radio™ is our own full-solution for IoT connectivity. LB Radio™ is optimized for medium-range applications. The Sub GHz radio bridges distances up to 1.5 kilometers. Therefore it became vendors’ choice for garden appliances. Unlike other longer-range radios, LB Radio™ maintains the benefit of adequate bandwidth. 100 kbits/s – enough for many IoT use cases. Since LB Radio™ is patented, you will hardly find any comparable performance on the market.


If you need to bridge long distances and can accept a lower bandwidth, you may want to use LoRa for your application. As the German energy utility company innogy SE did for its Smart Metering case. We created the Lemonbeat OS™ on LoRa implementation for them and would like to give it to you, too.


Lemonbeat OS™ can seamlessly send messages  over Ethernet infrastructure. Since we use standard Internet Protocols, you only need a simple adapter to make use of the often existing infrastructure.

Gateway Integration with Lemonbeat OS and LsDL


Lemonbeat Gateway

Not the brain, but still needed

In Lemonbeat systems, the devices possess all the intelligence needed. The gateway stands modestly in the background. It fulfils minor tasks from time to time. It’s no big thing if it goes on strike for a few hours. Nevertheless, you still need the gateway, at least as a door to the internet. We support you with a selection of gateways with Lemonbeat OS™ already running on them. We also have expert partners helping with custom-built gateways for your specific application.

Platform Integration with Lemonbeat OS and LsDL


Analytics and Management

IoT platforms help to analyze data and manage your devices. Furthermore, they are the basis to build apps and dashboards for your customer. We’ve already taught a variety of platforms to run Lemonbeat OS™. If you want another one to get a Lemonbeat lesson, we’ll be happy to teach them as soon as possible.

Laptop with Phoenix Contact Emalytics

Lemonbeat-ready Platforms

Phoenix Contact Niagara Cloud


Phoenix Contact has developed Emalytics, an ecosystem for Smart Buildings that integrates building control, energy management, and business intelligence. Emalytics is based on the Honeywell Niagara framework which works with Lemonbeat OS™.

Net2Grid Ynni Cloud

Net2Grid Ynni

Net2Grid developed Ynni. An advanced energy insight platform, reducing cost to serve while increasing customer engagement. Greater energy consumption insights and deeper, more trusting customer relationships translate into reduced churn and upsell activity. Net2Grid’s Ynni platform is used for innogy’s Smart Metering activities with Lemonbeat technology.

Seluxit Metaflow Cloud

Seluxit metaFlow

Seluxit‘s robust, secure, scalable and customizable IoT platform is called metaFlow. The platform’s cloud-based middleware works seamlessly with Seluxit’s user interface, and also offers an open API that can be used by third party servers and applications. Gardena is using Seluxit’s IoT platform for their Lemonbeat based smart system.

Smart Home Cloud

innogy Smart Home

innogy is the provider of Europe’s largest Smart Home ecosystem. IoT applications can be integrated into the innogy Smart Home platform easily. innogy Smart Home works with Lemonbeat OS™.

SAP Hana Cloud


The SAP HANA Cloud Platform is a universal platform for analytics and application management. Lemonbeat OS™ works with the IoT Services of the SAP HANA Cloud Platform.

Amazon Web Services Cloud


AWS IoT is a managed cloud platform that lets connected devices easily and securely interact with cloud applications and other devices. IoT Core can support billions of devices and trillions of messages, and can process and route those messages to AWS endpoints and to other devices reliably and securely.