The Lemonbeat IoT Communication Backbone – Communication Infrastructure as a Product

The visible end product of an IoT solution is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of overall development. The costs for the development of what remains out of view for customers are far more significant- the communication infrastructure. Lemonbeat offers an end-to-end solution: the IoT Communication Backbone, the backbone of your IoT solution as a finished product.

Do-it-yourself or buy? Companies should concentrate entirely on developing the value-adding parts of their IoT products. There is a solution for everything else that goes on behind the scenes!

We have developed the Lemonbeat IoT Communication Backbone. This replaces the invisible but necessary 80 percent of the work required to develop a finished solution. With our standardized IoT Communication Backbone, you save up to 70 percent of the costs you would have incurred if you had created your own IoT solution.

IoT development costs

The IoT Communication Backbone in detail

IoT communication backbone


At the field device level, Lemonbeat provides pre-programmed IoT services for device actions and interactions between devices.  The easy-to-use Lemonbeat Studio software lets you configure device behavior with just a few clicks.


IP-based connectivity ensures secure communication between the end devices and to the gateway, for example with the wireless technologies LB Radio™ and LB LoRa™ or via Ethernet.


Gateways, enabling data transmission to the cloud, are available as ready-made white label products and can be easily adapted for special applications.

Cloud Integration

The Lemonbeat Operations Platform is the optimal management tool for simple, as well as complex, wireless networks. Its API enables the straightforward connection of Lemonbeat networks to common cloud solutions.

The IoT Communication Backbone for all application cases

As an end-to-end solution, the Lemonbeat IoT Communication Backbone closes the gap between physical products and software applications. It reliably ensures that all data arrives quickly and securely where it is needed. Equip your product with the functions you need. With the IoT operating system Lemonbeat OS™, we provide all the software modules (services) you need for your IoT application. Realize each solution through easily combining and configurating the Lemonbeat OS™ services.

IoT use cases