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Building Automation has always been full of promises to building operators. Especially cost savings through energy efficiency sounded attractive. In fact, they still do. Unfortunately, for many operators, the savings made are not worth the investment. Retrofitting existing buildings is not an option in most cases. The infrastructural renovations were too expensive, the necessary hardware itself was too expensive. The share of the market that does not automate its buildings for economic reasons is huge: We are talking about 5 billion square-meters of not-that-smart buildings in Europe alone.

IoT technology and Lemonbeat open the door to this left-behind share of the market. With the attention-grabbing concept of Lean Building Automation (LBA), costs for equipping buildings with smartness decrease dramatically. A building, fully equipped with Lemonbeat devices can save up to 50% of costs. Just for the hardware. Peripheral costs for installation, maintenance and building refurbishment also decrease significantly.

Smart Building

Market Potential of Building Automation in Europe

Building Automation in Europe

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How It Works

The devices process major parts of the logic and interact directly. Therefore, expensive Automation stations are not needed any longer. Neither is extra cabling: Thanks to established internet technology, data can make its way via existing Ethernet infrastructure to the Management Layer. Since Ethernet is necessary for PC networks, the infrastructure is given in nearly every building.

With this lean concept, enabled by Lemonbeat OS, the avalanche of peripheral needs for refurbishments, hardware (like I/O modules and switchboards) as well as maintenance and installation just disappears.


Lean Building Automation


Lean Building Automation

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