Cost-efficient meter and system management as a retrofit solution for the housing industry

Digital solutions for the challenges in the housing industry

Insight into consumption data such as electricity, gas and heat are indispensable for the efficient operation of properties. Smart boiler rooms, which provide a constant overview, deliver the housing industry with an important data basis. Thanks to detailed real-time data, not only unnecessary energy consumption can be detected. They also help in the planning of investment decisions in the case of modernization. Errors in boilers or pumps can also be detected and rectified in good time. Error corrections and optimizations are possible remotely. This saves costs and increases not only the quality of living but also the attractiveness of the property. Lemonbeat Lean Building Management helps to reduce costs, sustainably increase the value of your existing properties and develop new business models with little effort.

Lean Building Management

Reduce your costs!

  • The automatic recording of system data enables more efficient settings to reduce energy consumption and drastically reduces maintenance and repair costs.

Manage more efficiently!

  • Detailed consumption data make it possible to make more targeted investment decisions, especially in the case of modernization.

Offer better service!

  • The current insight into individual consumption data opens doors to new, digital business models for your tenants.

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Lean Building Management at a glance:

Heating systems, pumps, heat meters or diaphragm gas meters are enabled to continuously transfer their status data to the Internet. This is made possible by modern Lemonbeat technology for the Internet of Things. It allows cost-effective retrofitting to conventional systems using simple converters that transfer their data via a simple gateway into the cloud. This also makes it possible to configure the systems from a central location.

Among other things, the robust radio technology LB Radio™ is used here. There is no need to lay cables, open walls or install expensive hardware. The lean infrastructure using modern Internet technologies is future-proof and reduces hardware, installation and engineering costs. The data is made available in a tailor-made format on a monitoring platform.

Lemonbeat Smart Boilderroom
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  • Measurement data is transmitted almost in real time from the building cellar to the internet using a low-cost gateway
  • Systems can be configured from a central location via the internet
  • The data are analyzed and visualized on a platform tailored to the housing industry
  • Interfaces allow the connection of further platforms.

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