Lean Building Management

The streamlined retrofit system for meter

and system management in the housing sector

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Tackle the challenges of digitalization in the housing sector

Smart boiler rooms – which provide a constant overview of electricity, gas and heat usage – can provide valuable information for the housing sector. Detailed real-time data reveals unnecessary energy consumption and helps in the planning of modernizations. Identifying and rectifying faults in boilers or pumps at an early stage saves costs and increases the quality of living and the attractiveness of the property. With Lemonbeat Lean Building Management, you can sustainably boost the value of your property portfolio without significant effort or investment.

Reduce costs!

  • Automatic data acquisition allows equipment settings to be optimized and leads to more efficient operation.

Manage more efficiently!

  • Detailed information regarding the condition of a piece of real estate allows the possibility to make more targeted investment decisions.

Improve service!

  • Digital buildings open the door to new business models such as tenant electricity or value-added services for tenants.

How does Lean Building Management work?

Lemonbeat technology for the Internet of Things makes cutting-edge meter and system monitoring accessible and cost-effective. As a retrofit solution for existing buildings, the infrastructure in the boiler room remains in place. Low-cost adapters, available for all common boilers, pumps and heat output and diaphragm gas meters, use a robust LB Radio™ wireless connection to transfer the data to a multi-device gateway, which then sends the data to a cloud-based monitoring platform via the internet. There’s no need to re-wire cables, knock down walls or install any expensive hardware. The slimline infrastructure uses the latest internet technology to create a future-proof solution that keeps hardware, installation and engineering costs down.

Lemonbeat Lean Building Management
  • Measurement data is transmitted almost in real time from the building cellar to the internet using a low-cost gateway
  • Systems can be configured from a central location via the internet
  • The data are analyzed and visualized on a platform tailored to the housing industry
  • Interfaces allow the connection of further platforms, e.g. SAP and others.

Frequently asked questions

How does the retrofit solution work?

The standard interfaces on the existing systems in the boiler rooms are fitted with modern Lemonbeat adapters, which use LB Radio™ to transmit measured values to a Lemonbeat multi-device gateway. This gateway then forwards the data to a monitoring platform hosted in the cloud.

How scalable is the solution?

The central cloud-based management application is capable of remotely monitoring any number of properties and can be expanded at any point.

How future-proof is Lemonbeat technology?

Lemonbeat technology is based on tried-and-tested internet standards and is a flexible, modular, cross-domain solution.

How does the data get from the boiler room to the internet?

Lemonbeat uses established internet standards in its data transmission systems. Our wireless LB Radio™ technology boasts a long range between Lemonbeat devices. Lemonbeats Multi Device Gateway then collects and sends the data via 4G or DSL to the designated cloud platform.

What makes Lemonbeat technology more streamlined than other solutions?

The architecture of Lemonbeat IoT technology allows it to be combined with simple hardware, which significantly reduces installation and engineering costs.

How does early fault detection work?

Unusual consumption values – such as a significantly increased level of water consumption, for example – may indicate a burst pipe. The system ensures that you’re kept informed, enabling you to rectify any issues before residents are forced to complain.

How does automatic data recording benefit me?

With Lemonbeat Lean Building Management, you can easily digitize and automate manual processes. For example, you can generate statements faster and more cost-effectively.

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