Lemonbeat OS

Lemonbeat OS is the heartbeat of the full integrated & seamless solution:

Lemonbeat OS is an Operating System that is uniquely tailored for IoT. With Lemonbeat OS, you can create any imaginable IoT use case by simply combining the standardized building blocks you require. Lemonbeat OS fits inside devices, no matter how restricted they are. Since every device uses the same building blocks, all devices can interact with each other directly. Learn how Lemonbeat OS injects intelligence into things.

Lean Architecture

Intelligence means Autonomy

Lean architecture to reduce your costs

IoT doesn’t have to be expensive. We keep your costs for data traffic and controller units low with the leanest IoT solution you have ever experienced.

Reduce data traffic to the cloud

Every single byte counts. Aggregate data locally to keep cloud traffic lean.

Stop worrying about computing power on your devices

Your devices can do all the work necessary for your application without getting expensive.

Get rid of expensive controller devices

Data is sent to the cloud via the simplest imaginable gateway – via an adapter.

How it works

Decentral Intelligence and LsDL

Lemonbeat OS is an IoT-tailored operating system that enables devices to compute data. All devices, even sensors which are constrained in power or size, can act as intelligent parts of the network. Devices communicate and interact directly via the independent Lemonbeat smart Device Language (LsDL). Gateways and even clouds become obsolete for controlling your network. Since clouds are still fundamentally relevant for analysis reasons, our software transmits the data to them seamlessly via the simplest gateway. Lemonbeat lets you integrate edge performance with cloud analytics and device management power.

Robust Performance

Intelligence means Performance

Robust, secure and fast networks for an seamless experience

Without the “I” in IoT, all you are left with are things. What happens if you can’t access the World Wide Web, how do you maintain operations in your local network of things? Also, you don’t want one network point to be a point of failure in case of a hacking incident. Lemonbeat technology is based on decentralized intelligence. We set your systems up to withstand outages and attacks by creating resilient, distributed intelligence across the entire network.

Stay operable in times of outages

Devices that work together will keep on doing that, regardless of outages that are caused on the side of a  gateway or internet provider.

Withstand cyber attacks

There is no central unit that could be hacked to cripple the functions of your entire system. Even in the very unlikely event someone were to access our secured device software, they would not be able to manipulate the actions of more than one device and possibly its direct partner.

See reaction as soon as the action takes place

Complex architectures are often susceptible to latency issues, where a device or cloud is the one intelligent authority of the system. The interconnectedness of Lemonbeat provides the devices with the intelligence to perform on their own without any detours.

How it works

Decentral Intelligence and LsDL

Lemonbeat OS is an IoT-tailored operating system that enables devices to compute data. All devices, even sensors which are constrained in power or size, can act as intelligent parts of the network. They can communicate and interact directly by means of the Lemonbeat smart Device Language (LsDL), which is use case independent. Direct communication results in a performance without any noticeable latencies. Partner devices get “partnered” in an extremely secure manner, using state-of-the-art security standards. That is why an attack, like hacking, has low chances of success. In the event of one device failing, only its own functionality and maybe the behavior of its direct partners would be affected.

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in our Whitepaper

“Overcoming the hurdle of IoT security”

What makes IoT security so special?

How security risks hinder a significant share of projects to be conducted?

Adaptive Device

Intelligence means Learning

Optimize, Customize or Extend your IoT Product

IoT is a huge market waiting to happen. What will your customers demand tomorrow? Can you create added value by offering segment-specific products? What kinds of products are you going to develop in two years? The IoT market is shaped by many opportunities and some uncertainty. We want to future-proof your vision for growth as a flourishing IoT business. This is why Lemonbeat offers the most adaptive solution to develop and sell IoT devices.

Optimize your adaptive products

You can bugfix or optimize your products after shipping to launch early in the market.

Customize for customer segments

Sell even smarter versions of your product to customers who ask for special features.

Extend your line of products

Future-proof: Your devices learn to interact with smart products you launch at a later time.

How it works

Service Configuration and LsDL

Lemonbeat OS applications consist of standardized building blocks you can easily combine and recombine to build the devices needed for your use case. Developers call these building blocks services. These services are ready-to-use pieces of code you can combine to create any IoT application wanted. The combination of different building blocks, we call configurations. Configurations are not static. You can recombine building blocks to new configurations. Since our Operating System is IoT-tailored, it is very simple and battery-friendly to teach your existing devices a new configuration. Why? Because you do not need to recode and replace the entire software on your device. Since every Lemonbeat device uses the same building blocks, they can communicate with a common language, which is independent of use cases. This language is Lemonbeat smart Device Language (LsDL). It is not necessary for a central control unit to know each device’s functions and orchestrate their behavior. The devices will tell each other directly.

Integrate Lemonbeat OS

Lemonbeat OS is the core of our IoT solution. Whether cable, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or LB radio – we don’t believe in a one size fits all approach to connect devices. For maximum flexibility we have decoupled the Lemonbeat OS from the subjacent radio technology. This independance offers you more options which platform and hardware you would like to choose. Learn how you can combine Lemonbeat OS with the complementing technology that is best for you!

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