Lemonbeat smart Device Language

The intelligent core to all of our products and the language of IoT

We know that the number of sensors and devices around us is rapidly increasing. The power of the Internet of Things is to connect them all in an intelligent way, thus bringing us all greater value.

The problem up until now is that most devices, depending on use case and geographical region, have used different languages in order to communicate. So far the Internet of Things has only been islands of things, with lots of expensive and time consuming translation going on in clouds and gateways. Lemonbeat smart Device Language aims to change that.

Lemonbeat smart Device Language is an application layer which is self-descriptive and can enable the intelligent direct connection of devices. Each device is reduced down to a series of values. This allows almost any use case or function can be described in a way that can be understood by other devices. What’s more, LsDL can be implemented on to any IP-based stack, meaning it truly is a universal language for the internet of things.

Find detailed information about the lemonbeat application layer specification on our resources page.

Through our work with W3C, we have laid the specification for Lemonbeat smart Device Language open for anyone to pick up and use. We also include it in all of our products.

Find all the information about the W3C Web of Things Interest Group here: W3C WoT IG

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