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Our purpose & journey building the WhatsApp for IoT as a seamless technology from device to cloud:

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Almost 5 years ago Lemonbeat was founded as a 100% subsidiary to create a scalable E2E IoT Enabling solution with the best E2E IoT engineers with strong energy background – the result: the technology where any thing can talk to any thing (old & smart) or to any cloud / backend with any connectivity (5G, NB IoT, WLAN, Lora, …) & any protocoll & E2E encription that exceeds BSI requirements. Lemonbeat started out with a small team of 4 people, and now has 31 IOT energy experts, > 1 million connected devices, several tech patents and over 30 longstanding B2B customers in the energy sector & beyond.

These over 30 experts are led by…

Lemonbeat CEO Oliver van der Mond

Oliver van der Mond – CEO

Alongside extensive entrepreneurial activities, Oliver is well connected within the energy industry. He previously led in various management positions in the areas of finance, IT and marketing in Europe as well as in the United States.

Lemonbeat CTO Jens Reinelt

Dr. Jens Reinelt – CTO

Following a doctorate in electro and information technology, and work experience at Philips Lighting, Jens spent 3 years working on the Home Automation product innogy SmartHome.

The following purpose question has driven us to success…

What if “every machine”, no matter whether smart & young or old & dumb, could talk to each other & also to humans?

and due to our current outstanding solution we can almost eliminate the “what if”:


With Lemonbeat we have the WhatsApp for IoT: slim, robust, interoperable, scalable

From Device to Cloud: Lemonbeat provides the seamless technology

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Lemonbeat CEO Oliver van der Mond

Oliver van der Mond

CEO Lemonbeat












Lemonbeat CTO Jens Reinelt

Dr. Jens Reinelt

CTO Lemonbeat





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