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Easily Scalable
Simple Device Integration
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Lower TCO

Let’s have a closer look at those solutions:

For Utility Companies the best cost effective IoT solution for disaggregation of customer consumption data and cost optimized reading

For utility companies that want to strengthen their customer relationship through digital services & collect the consumption volume of household meters (all up to 6,000 kWh & more) in a cost optimized way, “Lean Metering” is the best cost effective IoT solution for the disaggregation of customer consumption data and cost optimized reading. Here, Lemonbeat’s patented radio technology is the heart of the solution – real time connections over long distances (up to 8km line of sight) & BSI compliant.

For (Housing) Industries & Cities a digital (retrofit) solution for remote monitoring & control of real estate assets

For housing industries & cities that want to master their challenges in real estate mgmt., “Lean Building Management” is the cost optimized starting point for the digitalization of their real estate … a digital (retrofit) solution for remote monitoring and control of the real estate assets from a central control room in the cloud”. The solution architecture is multi-trade, manufacturer-independent and modular.

For Utility Companies the scalable Grid Observer Solution

For Utility Companies who want to monitor their existing local network stations (1) reliable, (2) low-cost, (3) data-rich, (4) area-wide & (5) thus scaled (e.g. for asset planning purposes and asset monitoring), Lemonbeat’s technologically superior “End2End Retrofit Solution for conventional local network stations” is more than 50% cheaper than the classic competition and thus also area-wide scalable.

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