ruhr:hub IoT #experienceDay: Lemonbeat presents “intelligence on the edge”

ruhr:hub IoT #experienceDay: Lemonbeat presents “intelligence on the edge”

Startups presenting their IoT solutions. For Lemonbeat, techconsultant Stefan Drees (4th from right). Picture: Dennis Knake/Lemonbeat

“We left the valley of tears behind, now it’s time for implementation”, so the unanimous opinion on the conditions of the technologies in the Internet of Things (IoT) at the ruhr:Hub #experienceDay in Dortmund. Under the main topic “profitable growth through innovations in IoT”, large companies and start-ups presented their solutions for technologies on the Internet of Things for one afternoon.

For Lemonbeat, tech-consultant Stefan Drees travelled to the ruhr:Hub event at the Technology Center Dortmund. While many companies are still looking for profitable business models within the Internet of Things, the participants at ruhr:Hub were already able to experience first practical solutions. This involved intelligent warehouses in which remote-controlled drones and shelves find their way autonomously. Smart buttons that report vacancy levels at the push of a button and provide for replenishment. However, also connectivity, radio technologies that can be easily implementen into the development of IoT devices were an important topic.

IoT a little smarter: Intelligence on the end device

Stefan Drees enriched the afternoon with another component: Intelligence on the edge, the end device. Lemonbeat technology with its sub 1-GHz radio protocol “LB Radio” not only ensures a robust connection of devices. With the application language “Lemonbeat smart Device Language” (LsDL) these devices are given a certain intelligence, unlike in other examples. The devices not only report their current sensor data and states to a central monitoring platform, they can already process data on the device and make their own decisions. This means that only pre-qualified data is sent to the cloud for further processing. However, the system works completely self-sufficiently and would continue to function even if the Internet connection failed.

Techconsultant Stefan Drees presents intelligence on the edge

Techconsultant Stefan Drees presents IoT intelligence on the edge

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