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Building Automation has always been full of promises to building operators. Especially cost savings through energy efficiency sounded attractive. In fact, they still do. Unfortunately, for many operators, the savings made are not worth the investment. Retrofitting existing buildings is not an option in most cases. The infrastructural renovations were too expensive, the necessary hardware itself was too expensive. The share of the market that does not automate its buildings for economic reasons is huge: We are talking about 5 billion square-meters of not-that-smart buildings in Europe alone.

IoT technology and Lemonbeat open the door to this market share left behind: When digitizing real estate, it is important to choose a system with which you can start small but continue to expand flexibly. At Lemonbeat, we call it Lean Building Management. A sensible starting point for digitization is the boiler room. Heating systems, pumps and meters contain a lot of important data. The precise and efficient central collection and provision of this data provides a detailed overview of the current status of all properties. The data can detect malfunctions at an early stage and help with important investment decisions in the event of modernisation. This is the basis on which to build. Whether the additional monitoring of elevators, windows or doors; there are virtually no limits to the possibilities.

Smart Building

Market Potential of Building Automation in Europe

Building Automation in Europe

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