We know what smart cities will require

We know that for each use case, there will be different requirements. Lemonbeat can address these.

Data will often have to be transmitted over shorter or greater ranges, many devices will have a power supply, but plenty will be battery operated thus requiring greater efficiency. Security will always be of great importance. An internet connection will not always be guaranteed.

Any smart city will not just “happen” but instead will be built up, project for project, almost as patchwork.  From the outset though a technology for connectivity should be selected that serves all needs. As much connectability as possible through compatible technologies, delivered at as low a cost as possible. Not just for an initial phase, but something that is economically viable to adapt and enhance further in the future.

How can Lemonbeat help?

Logical language – the Lemonbeat smart Device Language is an application layer that allows direct intelligent communication between devices. It is easy to implement and, furthermore, easy to adapt in the future, ensuring all your use cases, whether now or in the future, are achievable.

Low cost implementation – Due to its easy XML based programming, as well as a number of ready made “device services”. Time spent programming can be reduced by up to 40%.

Modular – the Lemonbeat smart Device Language can be placed on top of any IP-based stack, from Ethernet, to WLAN to LoRa. This means all of your devices can speak the same language, cutting down on expensive central units and cloud calculation.

Secure – Lemonbeat enables 128-bit AES MAC-layer security with a secure key exchange mechanism.

Lemonbeat smart Device Language is a one stop shop. Our technological offering:

  • Consultancy – from initial strategy through to implementation
  • Lemonbeat communication solutions to suit all use cases
  • Management software for management of devices

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Oliver van der Mond

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