Meeting the challenges of smart grids and prosumers.

How Lemonbeat can draw out the benefits of smart energy grids for both energy supplier and customers.

innogy SE is one of Europe’s largest utility companies and is heavily involved in the rollouts. They use Lemonbeat.

In the summer of 2016 a large scale field test will take place in several thousand German homes. The equipment used will include a Lemonbeat equiped meter and a Lemonbeat ready receiver in the living room of each house.

Further more, using Lemonbeat, innogy‘s home automation system „innogy SmartHome“ can also be connected, allowing useful visualisation of data in the home and via web, as well also enabling direct control of devices based on consumption.

The energy market is undergoing significant changes: increasing decentralization and more companies and end users generating and using their own energy, have changed the landscape of the industry.

With prosumers in mind, smart grids become key.

In order to create the smart energy grids needed to balance out the generation and usage of prosumers, intelligent grid participants are required, e.g., Smart Meters as well as capable communication networks.

With Lemonbeat we achieve both: we deliver intelligence to meters and connect them with state of the art IT technologies. The result is an infrastructure that opens a range of new possibilities:

Connection from Smart Home to Smart Meter and with that, the possibility to control household devices based on energy data.

innogy smart meter
„Walk by” remote reading of meters

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