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Lemonbeat draws out the benefits for utilities and consumers

The energy market is undergoing significant changes. Decentralization increases. More companies and end users generate and use their own energy, and therefore become “prosumers”. The regulators and customers continue to demand more efficiency and transparency. These developments have changed the landscape of the industry and will continue to do so.

An end-to-end smart infrastructure (including grids/meters/devices) from the energy source up to the end consumer becomes key. Smart energy becomes key.

To create a smart, transparent and cost-effective energy infrastructure that is capable of balancing out the increasing fluctuations in the system, utilities require intelligent grid participants: Smart Meters as well as capable communication networks.

With Lemonbeat technology we achieve both. By integrating Lemonbeat OS, we deliver intelligence to meters, sensors and actuators and connect them with state of the art IT technologies. The result is an infrastructure that opens a range of new possibilities:

  • For consumers, added value and services, e.g., connection from Smart Home to Smart Meter, and with that, the possibility to control household devices based on energy data.
  • For utilities, meeting demands for higher efficiency and cost-effectiveness while at the same time generating and collecting valuable data that enables them to balance out the energy system and gain insights into customer behaviour.
lemonbeat Mesh

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“How to create viable business arround Smart Metering”

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  • the lack of economically viable solutions and the reasons for this situation
  • a case study showing how to create a viable business model around Smart Metering
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Smart Metering Scheme
Smart Meter with dual radio - LoRa for longer range, LB Radio for higher bandwidth

Lemonbeat in innogy’s Smart Energy solution

innogy SE, one of Europe’s largest energy utility companies, uses Lemonbeat for „smartening up“ regular and cost-effective digital meters. The technology will be rolled out on a large scale from 2018 onwards. The equipment used for the currently ongoing field test includes a Lemonbeat-based meter and a Lemonbeat-ready receiving unit in each customer’s home.

Modularity used for custom-fit solution

innogy SE made use of Lemonbeat’s modular architecture: Meter reads for regular billing and settlement purposes can be collected, e.g., by the mailman with a suitable collection device. The fairly limited data can be sent over greater distances via the radio standard LoRa. In addition, energy retailers can collect highly granular consumption data (up to a meter read per second) via using Lemonbeat Radio™ and very cost-effective customer receiving units. The data can be visualized with already existing devices in the customer’s home (Smartphone, Tablet, Notebook, etc.) but also then be sent to a central internet platform in order to create additional services.

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