Make use of the extra mile for smart garden applications

Combine Lemonbeat OS with LB Radio to reach remote devices

As for any other IoT use case, Lemonbeat OS™ also has its benefits for smart garden applications. Indeed, manufacturers of garden equipment face one additional challenge: they need to bridge longer distances to ensure they can always reach their devices. Since devices are ourdoors and sometimes moving, this can best be achieved with radio technology.


Vendors like Gardena or AL-KO not only trust in Lemonbeat OS™ but also in another Lemonbeat product, which is LB Radio™. Operating in Sub-GHz frequency band, LB Radio™ bridges distances up to 1.5 kilometer (line of sight) with a constant bandwidth of 100kb/s (no duty cycle limit). Due to its lean design and patented energy saving modes it is highly battery-efficient. Therefore, the combination of Lemonbeat OS™ and LB Radio™ became vendors’ choice for garden applications.

Gardena Smart Garden System

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