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As customers integrate smartphone usage increasingly into their daily lives and seek added convenience, the adoption of smart home products finally started. Although home automation as atopic has been around for a while, the market is still in its early phase. For many manufacturers, that increases the attractiveness of introducing their own products into the smart home market.


For you as a manufacturer that might be your first steps in the IoT field. Lemonbeat offers the opportunity to proof your ideas without having a 10-years-plan in mind. The adaptiveness of Lemonbeat OS enables you to optimize products in the field, customize products for customer segments and extend your line of products regularly.

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Superior Robustness and Security for Your Customers

For your customers, the robust performance and security which come with Lemonbeat OS are key arguments for choosing your Lemonbeat OS-based product. That is verified by both, our experiences as the developers of Europe’s largest smart home system and results of current market research.


Thanks to the substantial share of local data procession in lemonbeat OS-based systems, you can offer a system which is superior in terms of customers’ privacy. In one of our latest research studies, this turned out to be the most important value for smart home users. While you can ensure the critical amount of privacy, you do not need to forgo all data, since you decide which information should go into the cloud.

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