Grow into Industry Smartness

Adaptive radio devices facilitate first steps into the high-potential revolution

No matter if you call it Smart Industry, Industrial IoT or Industry 4.0 – the revolution is on its way and promising huge opportunities. However, for many companies, unlocking the full potential of Industry 4.0 is not as easy as it sounds in theory. For existing machines and processes, retrofitting needs to be done. Adjustments in the future must be possible and simple. Lemonbeat OS™ gives you the adaptiveness necessary for both, rapid retrofitting and constant growth into the industry revolution.

Lemonbeat OS™ on LB Radio™ for lean retrofit

No doubt, radio technology can help for the purpose of retrofitting, since wiring around existing machinery can get complex and expensive. In the past, the combination of Lemonbeat OS™ and LB Radio™, proved to be a suitable solution for often extensive factory halls. Due to the long range and superior material penetration of the Sub GHz technology, devices can send information to each other with a minimum of infrastructural components in between.

Smart Industry Robot Arm

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bit.B sensors

bit.B and Pikkerton take advantage of Lemonbeat technology

The story of innogy bit.B shows how a retrofit solution based on Lemonbeat technology can help factories to participate in Industry 4.0. bit.B is a process and energy monitoring system for small to medium-sized enterprises. The wireless sensor and alarm system enables insight into the performance and energy usage of your machinery and processes. It is low-cost and can be installed without the need to interrupt work processes. The electronics and sensors specialist Pikkerton (Berlin) takes also part in the game, offering a range of sensors that operate based on a Lemonbeat solution.

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