Smart Sensors: pikkerton opts for Lemonbeat technology

Smart Sensors: pikkerton opts for Lemonbeat technology

• The portfolio of  pikkerton is being expanded to include Lemonbeat OS and LB Radio
• Energy-saving IoT technology with a long range and high reliability
• Wide range of uses, including industrial, energy and building management applications

Dortmund, 14 December 2017. Pikkerton GmbH (Berlin), a manufacturer of smart devices for industrial, room and building automation, uses Lemonbeat OS and LB Radio in the operation and networking of its intelligent sensors.

With Lemonbeat OS at its core, Lemonbeat technology can be used to build an operating system for the Internet of Things (IoT), enabling users to create IoT applications by combining standardised software modules. The solution allows any device and sensors to process data independently, enabling it to function as an intelligent link in a larger network.

Intelligent functions on each device significantly reduce the need for cloud platforms and gateways to assume control of standard actions within the network. Data is transferred to the cloud solely for monitoring and control purposes, which boosts efficiency and reduces the likelihood of system failures.

Furthermore, LB Radio – a patented radio solution in the sub-GHz range – is the ideal option for sensors and actuators subject to major performance, energy consumption or size limitations. LB Radio is capable of bridging stretches of up to two kilometres at a data bandwidth of 100 kb/s.

“Thanks to Lemonbeat’s support, we’ve been able to expand our range to include state-of-the-art, flexible technologies for smart solutions in the Internet of Things. In conjunction with LB Radio, we hope that these technologies will enable us to tap into other applications that have previously been difficult for us to access with the established standards”, says Lothar Feige, owner and Managing Director of pikkerton GmbH.

“Lemonbeat makes it easy and cost-effective to realise a wide range of use cases; from smart building applications and intelligent energy monitoring to the optimisation of industrial processes”, adds Oliver van der Mond, Managing Director of Lemonbeat GmbH. “We’re pleased to have pikkerton, whose solutions cover all of these areas, on board as a partner”.

Pikkerton is planning to add Lemonbeat-compatible devices to its range in the first quarter of 2018. The first product will be the compact LBS-122 multi-sensor, which was previously compatible with ZigBee and Wireless M-Bus technology. In addition to monitoring temperature and movement, the multisensor is also capable of measuring humidity, air pressure and brightness, making it ideal for industrial applications as well as for room and building automation applications. Lemonbeat technology will gradually be rolled out for the other products in the company’s sensor portfolio.

About Lemonbeat
Lemonbeat GmbH, based in Dortmund, Germany, was founded in October 2015 as a wholly owned subsidiary of innogy SE – one of Europe’s largest utility companies with many years of experience in smart home applications. Key to the company’s cross-industry IoT offering is Lemonbeat OS, an IoT-tailored operating system for any kind of device. Lemonbeat OS can be deployed in any imaginable IoT use case. Our solutions are characterised by their slimline architecture, robust performance and high level of adaptability. With Lemonbeat OS at the core of its offering, the company offers a universal solution for IoT innovators – a solution that is compatible with any system, from the smallest of devices up to full cloud solutions. Further information is available at

About pikkerton
Berlin-based sensor and wireless technology company pikkerton is a medium-sized, owner-operated business with an outstanding reputation for its development expertise. The company develops, produces and markets sensors and low-power radio network assemblies for sensors and actuators, energy management and power distribution solutions and professional sensor networks for industrial monitoring applications. Its key customers are active in a wide range of sectors, including AAL/electronic assistance systems, data centres, telecommunications and security. Further information is available at

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