Paving the way for digital business models

Smart products are the prerequisite for successful digital business models. They connect the digital and the real world and open up completely new markets and value chains for your company. We help you develop products for the digital world.

Whether it’s an intelligent rain sensor that tells the lawnmower when the time is right to get started. Whether heating control that adapts to changing requirements at an early stage. Whether a consumption meter that automatically suggests potential savings. Digitalization makes it possible to generate new added value for products that were once completely inconspicuous, not only by “functioning”, but also by harmonizing their behavior with their environment and reacting when necessary. This results in completely new potentials, which on the one hand convince the customer and on the other pave the way for the company into completely new markets.

We are at your side with words and deeds during product development.

  • Feasibility analyses and cost estimation
  • Identification of suitable communication technologies
  • Development of first prototypes
  • Integration into existing products
  • Firmware development and connection
  • Device management and user administration
  • IoT Platform Integration
  • Dashboard and app development

Manufacturers or system providers – learn more about your possibilities from our experts

Oliver van der Mond
CEO Lemonbeat GmbH

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