Smart Substation – Intelligent energy management in the Smart Grid of Tomorrow

“Smart Substations” avoid blind spots in the power grid

The challenges & cost pressure in the operation of medium and low voltage networks are increasing. Unfortunately, network operators at these voltage levels are either “visually impaired” (mid voltage grid) or completely “blind” (low voltage grid). Solutions for digital substations have been on the market for several years, but unfortunately they are usually expensive and/or connected with the exchange of essential components of the substation. Therefore there is a need for cost-effective monitoring solutions. Lemonbeat’s “Smart Substation” offers energy-related benefits as well as economic advantages.

What are my benefits?

With Lemonbeat’s smart substation you get access to all critical parameters at a glance. A Web Dashboard provides information on all locations and about status of the installations:

Lemonbeat SMO Dashboard

Alarm Messages in Real-Time

Display operating parameters in detail & as time series

Involvement of environmental conditions possible

Analysis of current & historical data

Advantages compared to Competition:

Cost-effective solution

Modern IoT technology instead of classic automation technology enables low-cost hardware, SW platform can be scaled and expanded almost indefinitely, substation can be monitored with an investment of less than 1,000€ => Significantly less expensive than conventional solutions

Immediate effects in monitoring and operation

Optimise operation and planning in the short term due to rapid localisation of faults, recording of detailed operating data – on request also for each low voltage outlet – , significantly improved planning basis for asset management and operation.

Well thought-through installation & connection

Simple on-site installation, end-to-end solution from a single source (from data acquisition to cloud interface), integration into existing Backend systems for network and asset management possible => Can be used immediately, connection to existing IT without problems

Want to see it live?

How does it work?

Lemonbeat’s cost-effective multi device gateway taps data via Modbus interface and transports it to the cloud via stable LTE connection (or cable if available). Our robust cloud platform enables easy device management and delivers data to a standardized Cloud2Cloud interface. A dashboard that can be adapted to customer requirements provides the desired information as a cockpit at a glance. The system is compatible with energy meters and current transformers from different suppliers.

But wait… Substations in electricity networks are only one option – the Solution is easily transferable to Gas-, Water- & Heat-Grids as well.

Easily Scalable
Simple Device Integration
Faster Time to Market
Lower TCO

Our customers & partners can only confirm our advantages:

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