Lemonbeat is a communication protocol for the Internet of Things…

… with a number of advantages. At it’s core is the innovative Lemonbeat smart Device Language.

The Lemonbeat smart Device Language reduces devices down to a series of values, allowing almost any new device to be described in a universal way that other devices can then understand. The language therefore empowers „things“ within the web of things, creating distributed and linked intelligence, and reducing reliance on the cloud or gateways for expensive translation processes.

What is more, Lemonbeat smart Device Language is part of a modular full stack solution. The language can be combined with any other IP-based stack, meaning you can pick the physical layer that suits your use case safe in the knowledge that it will still be compatible with other devices regardless.

At Lemonbeat GmbH we offer a number of solutions on this basis to ensure you can bring your devices into the Internet of Things with minimal fuss and lead times.

Smart Device Language

LsDL for the Internet of Things

The intelligent core to all of our products and the language of Internet of Things. Read more …


Lemonbeat SIP Chip

System ready chips with licenced software stack included. Read more …


Lemonbeat Studio Software Solutions

Fully implemented Lemonbeat software stack for inclusion on your chip. Read more …



Use the expertise of Lemonbeat staff to speed up and optimise your smart project. Read more …


Gardena Gateway

For a full smart system we can provide gateway and cloud solutions to suit your needs. Read more …