Cooperation: tci GmbH integrates Lemonbeat technology into touch panels for smart room control

Cooperation: tci GmbH integrates Lemonbeat technology into touch panels for smart room control

tci – Gesellschaft für technische Informatik mbH and Lemonbeat GmbH will be working together in the future. The IT company from Giessen, which specialises in building and industry automation projects, is equipping its design touch panels for room control with Lemonbeat technology.

• 7” and 10” Luna touch panels receive Lemonbeat upgrade
• Modern IoT technology with device-to-device communication
• Robust radio technology for streamlined building automation

Under the cooperation agreement which has now been finalized, the two companies intend to advance room automation using modern IoT technology. In an initial joint project, 7- and 10-inch touch panels from tci’s Luna range will be equipped so that in future, they can communicate directly with Lemonbeat-enabled sensors for room control.

The multi-touch panels in the Luna range are more than just screens on a wall. They contain high-performance dual core processors for Windows, Android or Linux applications. The panels are also equipped with a microphone, a light sensor and USB and ethernet interfaces.

Lemonbeat technology makes streamlined building automation possible

Equipped with Lemonbeat IoT technology, the touch panels will be able to communicate via Lemonbeat Radio (868 MHz radio with patented frequency hopping and wake-on-radio functionality) with Lemonbeat-enabled end devices in their vicinity. The special feature of this is the ability to communicate directly with end devices – without using intermediate gateways, controllers or even a cloud. Particularly in the field of building automation, smart control concepts which are more streamlined and much more cost-effective than conventional solutions can be implemented. Less hardware also means a reduction in engineering and maintenance costs, and greater reliability.

In addition, Lemonbeat and tci have developed Linux-based software with a graphic user interface, so that the new touch panels can be connected seamlessly with the Lemonbeat eco system. The panels can be elegantly integrated into the wall either in an in-wall casing or with a mounted casing.

The portfolio of Lemonbeat-enabled devices is growing

“In tci we have gained an important partner for building automation, who knows how to combine modern technology with appropriate design features,” Lemonbeat’s Managing Director Oliver van der Mond commented on the cooperation. “Through the integration of Lemonbeat technology, both companies open up completely new opportunities for their customers in terms of the individual design of smart room and building solutions.”

“tci uses solutions to connect people and technology – that is our mission, which we focus on in our work every day. So I am delighted to have found a technology partner in Lemonbeat, with whom we can confront this challenge,” explained Engineer Michael Böck, the Managing Shareholder of tci GmbH.

In the spring of this year, Phoenix Contact, a company which specialises in industry and building automation on an international level, announced its collaboration with Lemonbeat. Providers of selected hardware for smart room automation are now expected to gradually extend the portfolio of Lemonbeat-enabled devices.

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About Lemonbeat
Lemonbeat GmbH has developed a universal construction kit for developing smart appliances for the Internet of things. The so-called Lemonbeat smart Device Language (LsDL) allows users to directly interact with the “intelligence” of these devices. When intelligent devices of this kind are networked, it is possible for them to interact with each other directly within an IoT ecosystem – completely independently of any cloud-based or gateway solutions. This makes IoT installations less complex, reduces engineering and maintenance costs, and provides greater flexibility. The language can be used via both cables and wireless technologies in combination with the IPv6 protocol. Lemonbeat GmbH was founded in 2015 and is a fully owned subsidiary of Innogy SE, an established European energy company.

About tci
tci GmbH – more than 25 years of industrial computers and building automation under “Made in Germany” standards
tci Gesellschaft für technische Informatik mbH was founded in 1991. tci initially carried out successful and complex mechanical engineering and construction projects consisting of software and hardware. It became apparent that reliable and durable industrial computers were necessary to cater for increasing automation. Since 1996, tci has been concentrating on developing and producing hardware. From the beginning, tci focused on the “Made in Germany” quality standard. All tci systems are designed and produced in Heuchelheim near Giessen. Today, the company is one of the leading manufacturers of industrial computers and touch panel systems for building automation in Germany . Thanks to their many years of experience and extensive know-how, the specialists at tci are able to transform dynamic PC technology into optimal practical solutions. Today, tci systems are being successfully integrated in the areas of mechanical engineering and construction and in the chemical and food industries. Other focal areas are medical technology and building automation. The systems for the building sector score top marks, not only for high quality and reliability, but also for their sophisticated design and low power consumption.

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