Lemonbeat provides an eco-system of technology partners for your vertically integrated solution

… everything is possible in a strong network.

IoT products are complex. Nevertheless, customers ask for seamless solutions: from the smart device right up to the user-friendly backend. For this, even big players in the market can only contribute components. Strong alliances are needed to provide integrated solutions. We want to ally with you, to create attractive eco-systems for demanding customers.

Complement our strengths as

  • Hardware developer who breathes the life of Lemonbeat technology into things and gateways
  • Backend provider, specialized in device and data management
  • Integrator of IoT solutions
lemonbeat Value Chain
Core competencies of Lemonbeat and partners

We as a small but fast-growing company rely on powerful partners to realize customer projects in a short time. That is why we attach great importance to getting to know your core competences – and to convince you of ours.

This, we do in a pragmatic three-step process:

Quick Business Partnership Model
Quick Business Partnership Model

As a result, real customer projects arise from cooperative ventures!

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Our Technology Partners

innogy Logo

innogy SmartHome is an open IoT partner platform, which offers 3rd parties a connection to an established gateway and backend infrastructure. With its platform portfolio, partners can develop new cross selling and service-related business models. Through the multi-partner platform, end users can include devices from a range of device manufacturers into their own system at home. The Lemonbeat Radio stack is the connectivity solution of choice for both „inhouse“ and 3rd party devices wanting to be linked to the innogy SmartHome system. This includes mutual projects with products from third-party vendors interested in the innogy SmartHome ecosystem.

More information at www.innogy.com


The SAP Hana Cloud Platform is run by SAP from their own data center. Java-services, solutions for tablet and smartphones as well as the integration of the incumbent „on premise“ systems within the cloud, are all part and parcel of the platform as a service offering. The Lemonbeat technology is a bridge to the HANA cloud platform, extremely beneficial for use cases such as transporting the data from sensors in the area of industrial measurement technology, as well as process data e.g. Relating to trade or logistics.

More information at www.sap.com

Phoenix Contact Logo

Phoenix Contact is the worldwide market leader of components, systems and solutions in the area of electrical engineering, electronics and automation. For building automation, Phoenix Contact has developing the IoT-based ecosystem Emalytics which combines the building services management system with energy management and business intelligence services in one solution. For this system, the automation specialist is utilizing the Lemonbeat technology.

More information at www.phoenixcontact.com

Limmroth & Patzke Logo

Limmroth & Patzke offers intelligent engineering „Made in Germany“ focussing on custom-made electrical solutions. Services include developing, programming, manufacturing and testing of electronic devices – from blueprint until the launch of a volume product. The built of hardware prototypes and manufacturing on a batch series Pick&Place line enhance the portfolio and assures short time-to-market. Limmroth & Patzke support us in building or adapting prototypes of Lemonbeat-based devices.

More information at www.iblipa.de

pikkerton Logo

pikkerton GmbH is a Berlin based electronics and sensor specialist, established in 2004. pikkerton develops and manufactures radio-based sensors and systems. The main focus is energy data-gathering in Smart Energy / Smart Grid projects, industrial monitoring e.g. for data centers,  as well as AAL-use cases (Active Assisted Living). Lemonbeat wireless-technology extends the wide range of pikkerton’s RF-solutions.

More information at www.pikkerton.de

seluxit Logo

Seluxit is an agile and innovative IoT solutions company with a project-based approach centered on dialogue with the customer. Seluxit offers end-to-end Internet of Things solutions and a next-generation IoT platform. Seluxit have supported lemonbeat GmbH with internal software developments from the beginning of our company. They continue to work closely with us including joint projects for customers.

More information at seluxit.com

SpanIdea Logo

SpanIdea is a global product engineering solution and services company founded by industry veterans with a track record of delivering successful products for leading multinational companies and start-ups. SpanIdea is head quartered in Milpitas, USA with R&D offices in Sweden and India. SpanIdea are delivering R&D and engineering services to global tier 1 customers in Embedded, Telecom, IOT, Cloud, Artificial intelligence, and Mobility. SpanIdea portfolio of solutions is focussed on building Next Generation Mobile / Wireless / Broadband technologies, with a special focus on LTE/WLAN. At SpanIdea, we develop ecosystem software that makes the wireless experience best, reliable and seamless.

More information at www.spanidea.com

mm1 technology Logo

mm1 Technology, specialists in radio technology, delivers hard and software solutions for an increasingly connected world. Their experienced developers and architects can help others conceive and deliver connected business solutions. mm1 Technology work with us in improving our offerings as well as supporting in the area of range refinement.

More information at www.mm1-technology.de

Stefan Badur Logo

Stefan Badur Electronic is a one stop shop for individual as well as standardized solutions in the area of measurement technology, electronics, prototyping and volume production. Services range from design to batch production. Stefan Badur Electronic have produced a number of prototypes for Lemonbeat projects as well as market ready adapters.

More information at www.badur-electronic.de


The IoT software for Servitization: from a networked product to product-as-a-service.

The Italian company Servitly is a platform provider specialized in the processing and presentation of data from the Internet of Things. It transforms data from networked products into realizable insights, distributes information inside and outside the company and thus creates new values from the product service system.

More information can be found at www.servitly.com

piuproducts Logo

piu products© is an office for strategy development, industrial design and engineering with an international focus, founded in Essen, Germany, in 1996. We work for medium-sized companies as well as for large groups, scientific institutions and research establishments. piu products© and lemonbeat GmbH work together on a case by case basis where customer requirements demand support in relevant areas of competence.

More information at www.piuproducts.com

comlet Logo

Comlet Verteilte System GmbH is a specialist development solutions provider in the area of Embedded Systems. They develop individual systems as well as components, right through to complete products. Through years of project experience and process quality, they can guarantee reliability and quality. They are DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 certified and offer their services in on-site as well as off-site form. Comlet deliver technology elements and prototypes in projects we are currently conducting in the area of Building Automation.

More information at www.comlet.de

TURCK duotec Logo

Turck duotec was founded in 1988 as an independent company of the Turck Group. Since then, they have become an expert in customer-specific electronics development and manufacturing (Electronics Engineering and Manufacturing Services – E²MS) and act as a ODM (Original Design Manufacturer).

More information at www.turck-duotec.com


NET2GRID is an open, scalable, cloud platform built to maximize the returns of smart energy meters today, but designed for an interconnected future with smart appliances, on-site generation, electric vehicle chargers, and so much more. NET2GRID provide a platform for metering solutions developed using Lemonbeat technologies for the German market.

More information at www.net2grid.com


Klika Tech LLC, is a company focused on delivering global software solutions and has its headquarters in Miami, with further offices in New York and Central Europe. Their products have been used by tens of millions of users worldwide and by some of the largest brands in the world.

More information at www.klika-tech.com

Software AG Logo

Software AG offers the first end-to-end Digital Business Platform, based on open standards, with integration, process management, in-memory data, adaptive application development, real-time analytics and enterprise architecture management as core building blocks. The modular platform allows users to develop the next generation of application systems to build their digital future, today. Lemonbeat GmbH is a member of the Software AG Fast Startup Programme.

More information at www.softwareag.com

Kessler Logo

From the idea to the finished system – kessler systems GmbH makes products based on your vision. The Full-Service-Provider with worldwide production facilities have been supporting their customers for over 40 years, accompanying them through the product life cycle. Whether development, design, prototypes or volume production.

More information at www.kesslersystems.de

The Advisory House Logo

The Advisory House supports major European energy companies in mastering their management challenges and demanding transformation processes. Their consultants possess outstanding know-how at all stages of the value chain in the energy industry.

More information at www.advisoryhouse.com

IK elektronik Logo

Since its creation in 1996, IK Elektronik has developed into one of the leading German service providers in the area of development and production for wireless technology. Wireless solutions for IoT and Industrie 4.0 are key areas for the company. 16 engineers, based in Muldenhammer and Dresden (as of 2017), develop products for Smart Home, Smart Grid, Smart Meters and automation technology, as well as antennas. IK Elektronik’s activities range from electronic and radio frequency work, software development and engineering, through to the creation of testing equipment. Their electronics production line using surface mounted technology, assembles boards, devices and tests components. As with their development work, production focuses on wireless technology. IK Elektronik have developed over 300 products, with a significant number being produced in ranges from 10 to 1 million units per year.

More information at www.ik-elektronik.com


STACKFORCE GmbH, based in Heitersheim, Germany, close to borders of both France and Switzerland, is a German specialist in embedded connectivity solutions that offers engineering, software and solutions for efficient and modular, safe and secure, wireless and wired communication based on Embedded Systems. Cornerstones of the activities are development, customization and maintenance of software implementation for commonly known wireless protocols. All these activities are completed by using a self-developed TTCN-3 based test framework. In addition STACKFORCE GmbH also provides consulting, development and support with regard to any kind of networks for data communication.

More information at www.stackforce.de


IOX use rapid prototyping and lean startup methods to make products smarter and accelerate Innovation in the Internet of Things. With the emergence of technologies like 3d printing, modular software and hardware it has never been easier to make your ideas reality and develop innovative products. IOX provide an IoT ecosystem that enables people or companies to create innovative products for the Internet of Things and make this planet smarter. IOX are working with lemonbeat GmbH on several rapid prototyping projects.

More information at www.ioxlab.de

trilogik Logo

Trilogik GmbH develops electronic components and circuit boards to suit their customers’ requirements. This can include completely new developments, as well as the adaption of current solutions. Together with the customer, Trilogik develops a specification to ensure a solid foundation for development projects. From the circuit diagram to the board design, right through to complex programming of micro-controllers and the delivery of prototypes, Trilogik can accompany the customer through each step of the process.

More information at www.trilogik.de

Logo MBS

MBS has been an innovator in industrial and building automation for more than 30 years, delivering state-of-the-art hard- and software and assisting our customers in solving their technical needs.

Our gateway product platform offers our customers and partners extraordinary versatility and exibility to adapt to changing requirements – an advantage that leads to especially low total costs. MBS also offers full service, tailor-made software and hardware development, OEM products, consulting, training and support as well as on-site commissioning.

As manufacturers we offer you comprehensive expertise and a wide selection of products that meet all your requirements – made in Germany.

More information at www.mbs-solutions.de

Anybridge Logo

Founded in 2016, AnyBridge is devoted to making creation of new Internet of Things (IoT) solutions plain and simple, and is constantly searching for valuable technologies that can contribute in this endeavor.

Embracing its truly unique features, AnyBridge uses Lemonbeat to build IoT solutions for industrial applications that require flexible, robust and secure wireless networking. AnyBridge is based in Nijkerk, the Netherlands.

More information at www.anybridge.com

Erlang Solutions Logo

Erlang Solutions is an international technology company building trusted, fault-tolerant systems that can scale to billions of users. The company offers world-leading consultancy in Erlang and Elixir – open source programming languages, and in a range of leading technologies used in the IoT space: AMQP, MQTT and XMPP. Its global teams offer one of the best tool sets for designing concurrent systems and middleware between smart devices and backend platforms. Erlang Solutions partners with Lemonbeat to design, implement, evolute and continually support their platform executed on the Erlang Runtime System. Their portfolio includes also clients such as WhatsApp, Klarna, Pivotal, Motorola, Toyota Connected, Ericsson and aeternity the blockchain company, to mention a few.

More information at www.erlang-solutions.com