Lemonbeat – seamless device interaction for IoT

Modularity within Lemonbeat technology means all use cases can be served

We realize that the requirements for intelligent interaction between devices will vary depending on use case, smart device, and even region. Up until now, a number of individual and incompatible protocols have provided the solutions for each area. But what if we want to eventually join them up? What if an ”Internet of Things” is one day something we want to achieve without costly translation between protocols and systems via bridges and cloud services?

Lemonbeat offers modular solutions, from the services included to the transmission form, and thus can be built to suit all sorts of use cases. At its core though, it always includes Lemonbeat smart Device Language (LsDL) for seamless communication as well as our building blocks to ensure quick and uncomplicated device development. How can we help you? A few examples are outlined below.

Home Automation

GARDENA Smart Garden System

Dramatic reductions in cost, quicker development times and great range through our Lemonbeat Radio. Read more …

Building Automation

Phoenix Contact Smart Building

Lemonbeat technology allows substantial savings in the field of building automation systems. Read more …

Smart Energy

Smart Meter for Smart Energy

Smart Meters are coming & we are helping deliver use cases. Read more …

Industry 4.0

bit.B in Industry 4.0

The Industrial Internet of Things will deliver higher productivity and innovative solutions. Read more …