Get faster time to market – at 30% of the cost

Benefits by choosing Lemonbeat:

Easily Scalable
Simple Device Integration
Faster Time to Market
Lower TCO

Lemonbeat addresses hard tech problems with outstanding solutions

IoT solutions are not only complex, they will be the most complex systems that companies will ever plan, build and operate (Gartner, 2019)

Our solutions are ready for future requirements of IoT

Why do most companies already fail with early-stage IoT Projects?


IoT deployments fail


fail at PoC

8 of 10

Failure before Launch

Success in IoT is based on the harmonic orchestration of 6 key elements

Lemonbeat creates a symphony of seamless technology to scale your product

Full Device- & Cloud-Integration

Anything to any thing (old & smart) or to any cloud / backend

Best Connectivity & Communication

with any connectivity (5G, NB IoT, LoRa, …) & any protocoll

Full Device-Configuration & -Control

for all Use-Cases with Lemonbeat OS

Best Network Mgmt. & Security

with world-class E2E-protection. maintenance & reliability

Connected Devices
Supported Micro Controllers
Technology Partner
Products with Lemonbeat Tech

How can Lemonbeat accomplish for less than 50% of the cost without a reduction in quality?

Our seamless technology (IoT backbone) is interoperable across different industries & use cases. We modify specifics according to your individual customer application requirements.

You can choose: Ready to Buy IoT solutions or
new joint IoT Projects – again at 30% of the cost. 

Talk to us to make the machines talk to each other!

Lemonbeat CEO Oliver van der Mond

Oliver van der Mond

CEO Lemonbeat












Lemonbeat CTO Jens Reinelt

Dr. Jens Reinelt

CTO Lemonbeat





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