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Lemonbeat OS™ is an IoT-tailored Operating System for all kind of devices, enabling you to easily realize any imaginable IoT use case. With Lemonbeat OS™ as its heart, we provide IoT innovators an end-to-end solution.

Lean Architecture

IoT can get expensive, which might put you off. It shouldn’t, because you will love the business once you are involved. That’s why you should stop paying too much for data traffic or controller units. We give you the leanest IoT solution you have ever experienced.

Robust Performance

Local performance is an attractive feature of the IoT market. Lemonbeat networks are fast and remain operable in times of outages and attacks. Intelligent devices make lemonbeat a highly robust IoT solution.

Adaptive Devices

The IoT market is shaped by both, opportunities and uncertainty. That is why lemonbeat offers the most adaptive solution to develop and sell IoT devices. Thereby, we enable you to grow with and into a flourishing IoT business.


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  • “Project_Things” – Mozilla’s open IoT gateway
    by Lemonbeat Editorial Staff on 20th February 2018 at 11:57 am

    Mozillas "Project_Things". Foto: Screenshot.Open Standard: With Project_Things and the Web Thing API, Mozilla introduces a gateway and an open API for connecting IoT devices to the Internet. The post “Project_Things” – Mozilla’s open IoT gateway appeared first on We speak IoT. […]

  • Advancements in IoT security through crypto-chip
    by Lemonbeat Editorial Staff on 19th February 2018 at 1:43 pm

    MIT introduces new Crypto-Chip. Picture: A.B.For more security in IoT the Massachusetts Institute of Technology has developed a chip that can take over the work of software algorithms in the future, uses 99.75% less energy and does the necessary encryption calculations about 500 times faster. The post Advancements in IoT security through crypto-chip appeared first on We speak IoT. […]

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  • A successful SmartHome system needs to be built as cost effectively as possible. Lemonbeat technologies make this possible. Lemonbeat smart Device Language, combined with IPv6, enables devices to interact directly with each other and the internet. We can thus avoid clumsy translations of soft & hardware, and, as a result, reduce costs. The standard services that come with Lemonbeat cover a lot of the device functionality we regularly require. Lemonbeat allows us to make new ideas into device prototypes in as a little as 24 hours.

    Dr. Michael Westermeier

    Senior Product Development Managerinnogy

    Dr. Michael Westermeier
  • The future value of the IoT will only become a reality if IoT devices are self-describing, interoperable and configurable. Due to the fragmented current state of the market, we're a ways a way from this, but the LsDL provides exactly these qualities making it both ready-to-use in the near term as well as highly relevant for future developments in the IoT. It's a win-win, and the full stack protocol is an excellent choice that works eminently in a wide range of applications. With the standard services available within the stack, programming device software becomes significantly easier and quicker.

    Daniel Lux


    Daniel Lux
  • The Lemonbeat transmission technology is one of bit.B’s core features. It was impressive how effortless and quick we were able to customize and implement Lemonbeat within bit.B’s soft- and hardware environment. The most important advantage is that our customers receive a safe state of the art transmission technology that allows them to implement multiple sensors without the need to run cables and worrying about radio reception. This saves time and money and positions bit.B to one of the most progressive process and energy monitoring systems.

    Michael Krystof

    Project Lead Lighthousebit.B

    Michael Krystof
  • I work predominantly with the LsDL on Lemonbeat Radio solution. I was drawn to the technology because it’s a rare example of direct interaction between the devices themselves, rather than having to take a diversion via a central controller or cloud solution. That this is IPv6-based was also extremely important to me as I feel this is the direction things are developing in. As a device manufacturer, I appreciate the space saved by being able to implement the whole application for the end device onto a single chip solution, it makes my job significantly easier.

    Stefan Badur

    CEOStefan Badur Electronic

    Stefan Badur

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