IoT is compleggs We simplify it ... SIMPLIFY NOW

Trusted by over 30 leading B2B Clients & 50 Tech Partners

For simplifying it, Lemonbeat built the WhatsApp for IoT – slim, robust, interoperable, scaleable

& that E2E from Device to Cloud: Lemonbeat provides the seamless technology:

Full Device- & Cloud-Integration

Anything to any thing (old & smart) or to any cloud / backend

Best Connectivity & Communication

with any connectivity (5G, NB IoT, LoRa, …) & any protocoll

Full Device-Configuration & -Control

for all Use-Cases with Lemonbeat OS

Best Network Mgmt. & Security

with world-class E2E-protection. maintenance & reliability

Connected Devices
Supported Micro Controllers
Technology Partner
Products with Lemonbeat Tech

You can choose: Ready to Buy Solutions or new joint IoT Projects - at 30% of the cost:

How does it work & is it also usable for my IoT project?

Lemonbeat’s “WhatsApp” / IoT-Backbone can be used in any business case that includes IoT …

Why Lemonbeat?

With Lemonbeat you get 80% of the work for 30% of the cost & faster time to market.
& this for technological problems, where almost everyone is desperate about…

Exemplary benefits by choosing Lemonbeat:

Easily Scalable
Simple Device Integration
Faster Time to Market
Lower TCO

Our customers & partners can only confirm this:

Talk to us to make the machines talk to each other!

Lemonbeat CEO Oliver van der Mond

Oliver van der Mond

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Lemonbeat CTO Jens Reinelt

Dr. Jens Reinelt

CTO Lemonbeat





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