Walkthrough: Lemonbeat’s seamless technology components

Mastering IoT projects with perfectly matched state-of-the-art technology components:

  • Device Integration

  • Connectivity

  • Gateways

  • Cloud Integration

  • Device & Network Management

  • E2E Security

How does it work? Starting point is the device integration…

Device Integration

Device Integration

New things: Device integration via standard micro controllers (1 €) & Lemonbeat OS on it. LB supports more than 250 well-known micro controllers.
Old things: Connecting thing with Lemonbeat converter (all typical interfaces are served | LB OS is on it).

Create any imaginable IoT use case with Lemonbeat OS.
Lemonbeat OS lets you create any imaginable use case.

Lemonbeat OS is based on a lightweight MicroService Architecture.

…followed by the right connectivity.



Full connectivity: Lemonbeat supports & masters all communication technologies and protocols (5G; NB-IoT; LoraWAN, Ethernet, …).
& offers on top 2 patented radio technologies (LB Radio and LB LoRa), which offer significant advantages for various IoT applications.

The selection of the right connectivity technology + protocol is dependent on the use-case requirements:

… now the devices can almost chat to each other. The selection of the right gateway – where necessary – depends on the solution design.



Gateways are a question of solution design, connectivity requirements, necessary interfaces, targeted price point, housing/size requirements, etc.
There is a selection of lean gateways by Lemonbeat available off the shelf. Alternatively, we build customized gateways using our core technologies.

Whether low-cost gateways for B2C applications or high-performance gateways for the industry, with Lemonbeat your challenge is solved at 30% of the cost:

Now, integrate your IoT cloud of choice where your data is stored long-term, analysed, visualized and more.

Cloud Integration

Cloud Integration

Any customer system / cloud is easily connectable > API for simple integration of any given backend & customer UI (eg. SAP, E.ON ESP.IOT, Microsoft Azure, Servitly, etc. are connected).
With a well documented API and example codes connecting to Lemonbeat’s Operations Platform is made as easy as possible and usually happens just within a handful of days at maximum.
Data sovereignity remains with our customer (with E2E encryption that even exceeds BSI requirements).

The network with all its devices and gateways is managed by Lemonbeat’s Operations Platform. 

Device & Network Management

Device & Network Management

Lemonbeat’s ready Operations Platform serves as a thin layer below the customers systems and takes care of all the services that happen “behind the curtain”.
The things behind the curtain encompass tasks like network management, security, firmware updates, onboarding of new devices, black listing, white listing, etc..

Security is essential in IoT solutions. End2End encryption is key because every chain is only as strong as its weakest link.

E2E Security

E2E Security

Lemonbeat’s solution comes with a security concept which is well thought through from end to end, including even the processes during production.
All Lemonbeat devices can only be integrated into a Lemonbeat network if it is white listed. For each individual device exists a unique pair of keys (private and public) which is generated during production.
All communication over the internet (between gateway and cloud, or between cloud and cloud) does only happen based on state of the art certificate exchange.
“The specification of Lemonbeat shows clearly that already during the conceptional phase security-by-design principles have been implemented which feature numerous advantages compared to security procedures of existing IoT applications.”

Dr. Christian Zenger
CEO Physec, Board Member HGI, former scientist for NATO and European Defence Agency

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How security risks hinder a significant share of projects to be conducted?

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