Lean Metering

The streamlined metering solution for cost-optimized reading and effective customer retention

The smart way to measure energy consumption

The Lemonbeat Lean Metering technology opens up business models around intelligent metering with modern measuring equipment (mME) for both network operators and energy distributors. These units account for 80% of the market and are already required by law. Modern measuring devices are digital electricity meters that record electricity consumption better than conventional devices. Modern measuring devices record power consumption with readings accurate to the second and can store and supply these over a longer period of time.

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1. Data promotes customer retention

Energy suppliers use cost-effective receiver units installed on the customer’s premises to collect highly detailed consumption data. This added-value service significantly boosts customer retention. Customers benefit, too: as they have access to detailed consumption data, they can immediately identify high-consumption appliances and take steps to reduce their energy bills.

2. Cost-optimized meter reading

Network operators collect measurements by taking “walk-by” or “drive-by” readings. The postal service could even complete this task by asking postmen/postwomen to carry a simple receiver unit with them as they carry out their rounds. The key benefit for network operators in energy data collection: significantly reduced process costs and increased data quality.

Frequently asked questions

Why Lemonbeat?

To put it simply, our sophisticated wireless technology and our tailored platform! Lemonbeat wireless technology is at the very heart of our Lean Metering solution. As the technology adapts seamlessly and automatically to demand, just one wireless module can cope with multiple parallel processes. Technologies such as NB-IoT, Sigfox and LoRaWAN may help to digitalize existing processes, such as meter reading, but they are not suitable for more wide-ranging business models due to their limited bandwidth and network coverage.

With the two radio methods LB LoRa™ and LB Radio™ in one module, Lemonbeat enables convenient remote reading of meter readings from the building cellar thanks to long ranges and penetration. With its high bandwidth, they create scope for new, data-based business models. The tailored solution by platform and sector expert NET2GRID has been seamlessly integrated into our technology for these business models in the housing sector, generating even greater added value for providers and energy customers.

Which energy meters are compatible with Lean Metering?

The “Lemonbeat meter” is a digital standard basic meter (compliant with German “modern meter”/”mME” standards). Currently, three established meter manufacturers have upgraded their mMEs with Lemonbeat technology and are marketing them today. An engineer can install this standard technology without needing any additional training.

How is the measured data transmitted to our billing system?

A simple wireless receiver unit, which can be clipped to a waist belt, automatically receives meter data from surrounding buildings when the wearer drives or walks past the property (drive-by/walk-by reading). This unit then sends the data to the billing system via a smartphone, tablet or laptop.

How are other digital business models – such as the provision of detailed consumption data for energy customers – implemented?

The end customer uses a receiving unit for highly granular data. It is part of the Lean Metering solution and can display the data provided by the electricity meter such as the current meter reading or consumption locally, for example via a smartphone. In addition, this technology can provide further added value, such as the processing and visualization of consumption down to the device level through the use of algorithms and artificial intelligence.

What added value does the consumption platform offer for providers and energy customers?

With the solution provided by Lemonbeat partner and sector expert NET2GRID, customers can use their smartphone or tablet to view their current energy consumption at any time. The platform displays “disaggregated” data, visually broken down to appliance level, in a user-friendly app. A home control system can also be integrated into the system. Gamification features have been incorporated to promote the regular use of the app. As a provider, you can use the tool for brand communication, customer retention and cross-selling purposes.

How secure is Lemonbeat Lean Metering?

Lemonbeat ensures complete data security by using state-of-the-art encryption methods. The encryption remains in place even in the event of user changes.

What is the range of Lemonbeat technology?

The Lemonbeat solution automatically adapts the range and the provided bandwidth (without manual configuration) to the requirements: LB LoRa™ for walk- or drive-by reading of meter readings from a greater distance, in which the radio waves have to penetrate different materials, mostly from the building cellar onto the road. LB Radio™ for sending data to one or a few floors, LB LoRA™ for beyond that, to the higher floors of the building. This adaptive dual solution is unique in the market.

The level of modulation depends on requirements (range/data granularity). The software in the measurement unit independently determines which radio technology should be used. LB Radio™ modulation, which provides a unique combination of bandwidth and range in the low-power segment (1.95 kilometres in open space, 100 kb/s constant bandwidth), is a patented Lemonbeat GmbH technology. LB LoRa™, designed for straightforward meter reading, offers a lower bandwidth but a longer range.

Can modern meters be converted into smart meters at a later stage if required?

If required, the meter can be retrospectively converted in to a smart meter (“intelligent measuring system”/iMS), just like any modern measuring system.

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