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Attractive business models with highly granular consumption values

Lemonbeat technology enables network operators and utility companies to implement attractive business models for intelligent metering with modern metering equipment (mME). Receive your customers’ power consumption data with a granularity of up to one reading per second.

What is it about & what are my benefits?

Annoying smart meter obligation? With data, whole new businesses are ahead of you!

The margins of traditional business models around generation, trading and distribution are shrinking. Do not fall into the “commodity trap”! In future, the supply of electricity will only play a subordinate role. The raw material for tomorrow’s business model: customer data.

Advantages compared to Competition:

Plug & Play

No adapters or extra moduls. No need for batteries. The meter is equipped with the necessary technology right from the start. This makes it easy for the end-customer and for the installer.

High Range

Reach also customers in larger apartment building. Lemonbeat’s radio technology makes it possible to reach customers even on higher floors without using cables or repeaters.

Cost efficient

Modern IoT technology makes it possible to use meters with Lemonbeat technology at a very competitive price. In addition, the radio uses an unlicensed frequency band which reduces ongoing costs compared to cellular networks.

Want to see it live?

How does it work?

Cost-effective technology from the Internet of Things

Modern measuring devices are equipped with the cost-effective dual radio technology of Lemonbeat. This makes it possible to switch between the radio bandwidth (how much data per second?) and the radio range (how far data can be transmitted?) as required. The intelligent mMEs decide independently which radio technology they use.

In this way, network operators can collect measured values via “walk-by” or “drive-by” with a simple receiver unit directly from the road. At the same time, the meters can transmit highly granular energy data to any household and to the Internet via low-cost receiving units.

These consumption data reach a resolution of a meter reading per second and thus enable a deep and detailed insight into the consumption behavior of customers and the development of data-based business models.

But wait… Electricity Meters are only one option – the Solution is easily transferable to Gas-, Water- & Heat- and other Meters.

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Easily Scalable
Simple Device Integration
Faster Time to Market
Lower TCO

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